Monday, October 20, 2008

Hard Cell

I was just leaving the 7eleven store, and a guy on the way in was talking on his cell phone loudly stating that, "If I didn't love you I wouldn't ......". The door closed behind him so I never did find out what he wouldn't do if he didn't love that person. I am always amazed at the things people talk about in public while chatting on their phones. It's as if people think they are in Maxwell Smart's cone of silence, and can blurt out the most personal things without fear of being overheard.

It really makes me feel old when I think about how telephone technology has progressed in my lifetime. When I was a kid, we only had rotary dial phones, but that was okay because you only had to dial five digits to call your friends, now we have to dial nine or ten. Also, if you didn't want to pay for a private line, you had to share a line with a neighbor or two. It was kind of weird to pick up the phone and hear Mrs. Haas down the street yakking it up with another neighbor. If you were real stealthy, you could listen in for a while, at least until Mrs. Haas caught on and yelled at you.

Last Friday, I relented, and returned to cell phone society after a four year hiatus. Cell phones have progressed quite a bit since I gave mine up four years ago. They now come with tiny keyboards so that you can send text messages, and of course to use the keyboard you would need very, very, tiny fingers. So now I have my new phone and I can join the people who sit at opposite ends of the bar and text each other instead of actually conversing. OMFG I hope I don't get addicted. HAGO ;)


  1. Thats a nice handset Alan, your gonna love it! It can be so easy to get addicted to these things, and when I had a mobile phone strike a few years back, my social life went down the pan haha..I wished id never done it!

  2. Now *I* feel old... I had to google HAGO to see if you made that one up or not... LOL...

  3. There were phones when you were young?

  4. :O GAret !!! hahaha :)