Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cool Cat

The weather here has finally broken, and I have been able to turn off my air-conditioning and open the windows for the first time since April. Last night the temperature plunged down to the lower fifties. It's that time of year when I dig through my dresser drawers looking for all my winter clothes. I don't have too much to look for, my winter clothes consist of two pairs of long pajama bottoms, a couple of long sleeve shirts, and a pair of slacks. That's all I need because if a cold snap were to last longer than a couple of days here, you can be sure the end of the world is near. Besides those clothes, I have a jacket for nippy nights, and a heavy coat for the one day a year the temperature drops below forty.

Around four o'clock this morning I woke up freezing, with Fat Kitty laying on my chest trying to suck the heat from my body. She has tried Mark before, but you don't get much heat out of guy who weighs less than one of my legs. One thing I do hate about the cold weather is that my allergies are exacerbated, and my sinuses swell up while simultaneously producing gallons of mucus. The sound of me drowning in my own snot doesn't bother Fat Kitty at all, she just snuggles in closer.

I hope this cool spell lasts a while. It's really refreshing. One good thing about the cooler weather is that the lizards go dormant, and Chandler isn't distracted by them when I send him out to do his thing. It's a pain in the ass when he comes to me in a panic to go potty, and when I take him out he just chases lizards for fifteen minutes instead of taking a leak.


  1. The catman aka garetOctober 30, 2008 at 9:05 AM

    I use a couple of 3-M Ultra-Allergen 1200 filters on my central air conditioner / furnace.

    Plus I use allergen filtration bags on my vacuum and I have a separate Permalife Air Purifier filtration unit with an ion generator (Hunter Brand Model #30756 from Lowes $150.)in my bedroom.

    Maybe you need to do something similar. It really helps keep you inside air clean, pure, and breathable especially if you live with companion animals.

  2. Yes the weather has total changed in the UK also...its bloody freezing !