Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Does My Ass Offend You?

After going through the maze of AT&T's phone menu system, I am finally talking to a human being, or so I think. "Sir how can I help you?" the lady inquired. "You can straighten out my bill. I spoke to someone last November and they fixed my bill so that it wouldn't be more than seventy five dollars, now I'm getting billed for a hundred and ten dollars. Do they take me for some kind of jackass?", I replied. Instead of helping me, in the haughtiest voice she could muster, she told me, "Sir, if you continue to use profanity I will have to disconnect.". What followed was a short argument over what words consisted of profanity and what was just her being a stupid jerk. After a while I got exasperated, and told her that she was irritating me and that I would disconnect her. When I called back, I refrained from using such salty language as 'ass', but I still didn't get any satisfaction.

When did the word jackass or even just ass become profanity? When did we become so sensitive and fragile that our poor little ears are offended by common language? All over the radio and television you can hear songs and pseudo (aka Rap) songs about women's anatomy and what the singer wants to do with that anatomy. We have the Charmin bears dancing around with tissue balls stuck to their rears, and the Burger King doing a rap dance with square butted women, yet I am dressed down by some help desk worker who is so easily offended that the word ass makes her swoon.

The arrogance of huge corporations are what's truly wrong with America. When you try to deal with them, they treat you like dirt and then get offended if you try to fight back. I personally am tired of trying to deal with AT&T anymore. I won't bother them with my foul language, and my insistence that they bill me correctly. I'll just take my ass over to Vonage, and tell AT&T to go screw themselves.


  1. God, sounds just like the companies here! Its stupid that these days we are told how to talk.. and when the words are not profanities its just insane :/

  2. I have Vonage and no complaints. It took a while to get my old number, but they did get it for me. I went with the limited time for $17 a month. Much better than what I was paying.

  3. You are so right on this!I love hearing their stupid commercials on how wonderful life would be with them. And Comcast is just as bad! Yet everyone I know has had nothing but problems,especially with their customer service. Good for you, and Vonage!

  4. AT&T sux.

    I learned that along time ago.

    I use TEL3 as my long distance carrier. Pay-as-u-go rules! NO contracts, NO hassles, NO hidden and additional fees, and especially NO snippy operators.