Monday, April 20, 2009


This past Thursday Mark and I used the theater tickets I got him for Christmas. We went to see 'Jersey Boys', the story of the old rock and roll group, 'The Four Seasons'. Sometimes, when Mark drags me off to a Broadway show, I never know if I'm going to like it because I usually have never heard the music. I really hated 'Rent', especially after Mark bought the CD and listened to the crappy music all the way home from Miami. This time, however, was different because I grew up listening to the Four Seasons, and I always liked them, at least the early stuff before they became Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.When we got to the theater, I noticed that the crowd was a lot different than other shows. For one thing, Mark at age forty nine, was one of the youngest people there. My first reaction was, "Why are all these old people here?", and then I realized they were all my age and older. It was the sixties generation, the first wave of baby boomers. Old, crusty, baby boomers. Another feature of this theater crowd was that it looked like a bad imitation of The Sopranos, and I said to Mark, "Are these people all from New Jersey?". The answer came with the first lines of the show. When the narrator mentioned New Jersey, and a few specific towns in New Jersey, the crowd went wild with cheers and applause. It was as if I had been dropped into some weird east coast time warp. Finally, when the music started, and the first song was sung, it became apparent that I wasn't the only one who was totally familiar with The Four Seasons songbook. To my right, the chubby New Jerseyite, whose ass had been slopping over into my seat, broke out in song, and for the rest of the show did his own off key version of Jersey Boys for me and the rest of the folks around us. Still it was a very good show, and I did enjoy it, especially the second act when I made Mark change seats with me.


  1. Rick thought he'd hate one more musical but he really liked Jersey Boys! I'm ready to go again with our kids. The best part was that it told a story we could relate to!

  2. did they serve scrapple at intermission?