Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Goes Up...

One of the auction items at the recent Abandoned Pet Rescue benefit, was a day trip in a private jet to Orlando, or Key West, taking off from the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Just the thought of it made my hands sweat.

Back in 2006, Mark and I still owned our little hotdog stand. Late one afternoon while Mark was running the restaurant, and I was at home taking it easy, the phone rang. It was Mark, "Turn on the television quick, something just fell out of the sky behind the hotdog stand!!". In the background I could hear sirens and then the phone dropped and I could hear Marks squeaky voice shouting. It seems that a cargo plane had crashed a couple of blocks from the hotdog stand. If this was an unusual occurrence I would have been surprised, but for some reason airplanes from the Executive Airport are always dropping out of the sky. They crash on highways, golf courses, and once in a while, on somebody's house. There have been more than thirty incidents in the last six years out of this airport.

Last week, just a few blocks in the other direction from the hotdog stand, another plane crashed. Once again, no surprise, except that this time the pilot was an eighty one year old man. We have elderly folks driving their Cadillac's and Lincoln's through bus benches, and store windows all the time, but I never realized they were flying planes over us. From now on when I hear a small plane overhead, I will look to see if it has whitewall tires, and an orange ball on the antenna.


  1. Holy s**t that must have been scary !

    You used to own a hotdog stand ?? :O How come you got rid of it?

  2. "something just fell out of the sky behind the hotdog stand"...if I had a dime for every time someone called with that particular message...

  3. Chkn, yes I wrote about it in these posts.





  4. And I never realized it was yours :O

    WTF was I on ?!?!?!