Monday, April 13, 2009

Peace at Last

I am typing this in my underpants, in my office, and listening to some jazz. No more females, no more hip hop, rap crap, and finally after seven full days, I am able to take a hot shower. For the last week, I have had to jump into a freezing shower, and do a speed wash before I got hypothermia. Talk about shrinkage. Between the four ladies and Mark showering, and the constant clothes washing, I have not felt hot water for a week.

Chandler had an entirely different take on the ladies leaving. He missed them almost immediately, and wondered all day what had happened to his new playmates. For Chandler, them leaving meant no more treats all day, no more playing endless fetch with his well chewed, slimy, raccoon toy, and no more tasty women's shoes to chew on.

I am also finding all sorts of mysterious and strange women things that they have left behind. In the bathroom are lotions and creams with uses that I am unfamiliar with, and when I removed the air-mattress in my office, I found all the tags from their shopping trip with Mark. That's another interesting development, Mark has found his match at shopping. After a day of shopping with the girls, Mark actually came home exhausted and spent, complaining about how awful it was. Hooray for the girls!


  1. I love Chandler in the sunglasses! You will have much walking and tossing to make up for his "fans" leaving....just remember to put your pants on!

  2. :D So when am I coming to Visit ? :D:D

    Love the pics here too Alan :)

  3. Sure Chkn, we can trade houses for a week. I'd love to see Wales. (You don't have a flat in London too, do you?)

    Peggy, I refuse to put on my pants. It's the boxer rebellion.

  4. I'm surprised they didn't put a tiara on lil Chandler. You know, one of the tiaras your previous tenent(now retired)woned and left behind which were hidden in the top closet shelf. hehe

  5. owned not won. (I think)

  6. Yeah that would be a great idea, its extremely small here though so hope you guys are not claustrophobic :)