Monday, April 27, 2009


What would you do if you saw a black man at the playground eyeing a nine year old red headed white girl, who then walks up behind that girl and grabs her from behind? What would you think if she turned around and said "daddy!"? How about if her mother, a black woman, then walked up and joined them?

I was reading a story in Newsweek about a black couple who adopted a fair skinned, red headed, white girl, and the different reactions they get when they go out. For years it has been accepted that white families can adopt babies of another race, but never do you hear of, or see a black family adopting a white baby. Many whites, and even some blacks, find it troublesome, but for different reasons. That's the problem with us humans, we judge each other for what we look like, and not for who we really are. I know that for most of my young life I got by on my looks. I was a somewhat good looking, thin, white guy, and I know that I got at least a couple of jobs because I looked like the guy they were looking for. At least one of those jobs I was totally unqualified for.
That’s why I found it funny last week when the big story was the frumpy woman from Scotland, who made a splash because she could actually sing. Holy crap, stop the presses, ugly people are capable of carrying a tune! Most people who make it big in show business are usually pretty good looking. In fact record producers can take a talentless, yet pretty young thing like Ashlee Simpson, and through the miracle of electronics, make her into a recording star. You never see unattractive, hideous, repulsive people making it as a star. Well, there are exceptions, Amy Winehouse seems to be making a living.


  1. Yeah you know what Al its been all over breakfast TV and god, it completely ruined it. The main points that people were trying to make is that because Susie b is not good to look at then she has caused a human guilt reaction, but like you say it is just utter shit since there are many many talented and famous people out there that are not picture perfect etc.

    Its so embarrassing to hear fellow brits banging on with their poorly supported arguments ARGH !!!

  2. I've watched enough American Idol tryouts to cringe when some dorky, strange looking/acting person steps up to the microphone. When they are embarassingly bad but think they are "the bomb" it is especially sad to me....millions of people, besides the judges rolling their eyes and giggling, are now laughing at them. Susan Boyle just hit one out of the park for all the simple but talented people! Besides, skin-deep beauty many times hides the ugliest people with the least to contribute to society.

  3. I have never seen an african american couple with an adopted caucasian child.

    I think American idol should listen to the singing first, then see the person behind the voice. Is it the singing voice they seek, the idol image, or a combination of both. It seems a great voice is required and the rest is just icing on the cake.

    Me, I just prefer the cake without the icing.

  4. Hey did you notice that Amy Winehouse looks amazingly like the masks that you have hanging in back of your "ex-girlfriend"??

  5. The masks are much less scary.