Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo Friday

My high school girlfriend.
She should have known something was wrong
when I told her to stand in front of these masks.


  1. You know I only met her once, in the living room before one of your dates, and she looked exactly like she does in this picture. It is just how I remember her. Have you ever heard from her again???

  2. She got frustrated because I wasn't very romantic. I never have seen or heard from her again. I have heard from another one of my high school girl friends, the one named Becky. She ran into Aunt JoAnne and Uncle Joe, and got my address from them. I wrote back to her and brought her up to date on my life, and I never heard back again. I guess divorced straight women don't want to waste their time on gay men.

  3. P.S., I also have never heard from any of my high school boyfriends either.

  4. How about other BF's