Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Debbie Does Florida

For three days last week it rained around here, and by Saturday the cluster of clouds that drenched us had turned into Tropical Storm Debbie. Well on Saturday, Debbie Downer upped the volume, and dropped enough rain on us to overflow the swimming pool, and flood the back yard. At one point, armed only with a dustpan, I had to run outside in my underpants to fight the water lapping at the back door. As I scooped and bailed the water, a voice called from behind me.
"Alan, Alan, excuse me."
It was the nice young lady who rents the front apartment. I stood up, strategically placing the dustpan in front of me.
"What's up Ms. Tenantinthefront?"
"Our air conditioning isn't working, and I smell something burning."
Yes, there was a smoky smell in the apartment, and yes, the air conditioner was not working, and yes, I did put on some pants before I went over there to investigate. What I wasn't ready for, was spending three thousand dollars on a new air conditioning system. They came and installed it yesterday. At least it has stopped raining.


  1. Please put me at the top of the list as ur next tenant if Ms. Tenantinthefront moves out.

  2. How nice! Central air to watch the incoming weather reports!!

  3. Oh gawd. I hope it has a significant guarantee. I'm never moving to Florida.