Monday, June 25, 2012

Going Postal, Part Three

Me; "Did you get the mail?"
Mark; "No."

That of course means I have to go out and get the mail. So I went out to the mail box, and, well hooray, there is no mail. That means there are no bills, and no junk mail in the mail box. You remember the mail box, the single one that the crazy mailman wouldn't let us replace with one for each address on the building.
"You no can have. You get my permission. I say what mail box you have."
Said the crazy mailman who can't speak English, and I suspect cannot even read English.

The next day.

"Did you get the mail?"

Once again, there is no mail. The next day, the same thing except that this time Mark noticed something.

"Where the hell is my Netflix? Netflix is never late. I should have got my movie in the mail two days ago."

Which got me to thinking. One of my tenants has gone away on vacation for two weeks, and he mentioned that he put his mail on hold at the post office. So I called the post office, and asked.
"Do you have mail on hold for #### NE ##th Street?"
"Please hold."
Ten minutes later.
"Yes we do. We have mail on hold for Mr. R. Oh, and we also have some mail for Mark and Alan, oh, and also Mr. and Mrs. Tenantinthefront."
So I asked.
"Was the mail put on hold for everyone in the building?"
Surely Mr. R. didn't do that I thought. That would be quite stupid.
"No, no, it's only on hold for Mr. R."
So once again, our crazy mailman has screwed with us. That really pisses me off, but what pisses me off even more, is that the lady at the post office snickered when she told me that our stupid mailman had held everyone's mail.

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  1. That is just not right. So everyone has to sort through everyone's mail to find their own. Where is the line drawn. Ask the post office how many tenents do you have to have for everyone to have their own mailbox? 4, 5, 6, 10?