Thursday, October 4, 2012

He's a Good Egg

The View From my Seat
Hmmm, look at that. A cracked tile on the floor. I didn't see that before. Oh that blue paint, I'm not happy with that blue paint. I really need to paint in here. And there is that little spot I missed on the door the last time I painted in here. That sure bugs me, it has ever since the day I painted it. Look at those shower doors, I really need to get some of that Kaboom soap scum remover. I continue looking around the room and then another wave of cramps and nausea sweeps over my body, taking my mind off of the things I need to do in the bathroom. I have had a lot of time today to look over what needs to be done here in the bathroom. I've probably spent a total of two hours in here since the first rumblings this morning. Not all at once, but in fifteen to twenty minute increments I have been sitting in here, enduring gut wrenching cramps and diarrhea.

This morning I asked Mark what he wanted for breakfast.
"Two poached eggs, and corned beef hash" was his answer.
So I went to the fridge, and got out the last four eggs. I poached all four, and laid them on top of the fried corned beef hash. I also had a couple of biscuits left over from dinner that I buttered and put on the plates. About an hour after breakfast I made my first trip to the bathroom. When I was done, I came out and told Mark that I was having troubles, and where was the Imodium?
"You probably got sick from those eggs." Mark informed me, "Two of them were cracked in the carton."
Just so you know, I have horrible vision. I did not see two cracked eggs in that egg carton this morning. Okay, so I apparently got the two cracked eggs. My question to Mark was, why did you leave two cracked eggs in there? Why did you let me eat two possibly spoiled eggs this morning? His answer was a mumbled, "I dunno." as he left the room. I'm starting to wonder. Last week he brought home some strawberries. That evening I popped half a dozen in my mouth. The next morning, in the light of day, I looked at those strawberries that were still in the little basket. They were covered with blue mold. Maybe I should rethink that will.


  1. All part of the plan.

  2. You are two poached eggs away from your goal weight.

  3. Yes - I think you would do well to wear your glasses at all times...or at least have them around your neck on one of those necklaces for eyeglasses.

    I think you should eat rice and chicken tomorrow. That's what the vet told me to give Pickles when she had that problem.


  4. I could go out and eat grass in the yard. That's what Chandler and Sasha do when their stomach is messed up. Yesterday I had to pull a very long piece of grass out of Sasha's butt after she pooped. Apparently she doesn't chew it very well.

  5. loving sister peggyOctober 4, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    About that will....I haven't tried to kill you since we were kids! ;o)