Sunday, October 14, 2012


I'm covered in sweat, and have multiple burrs sticking me in the ankles. I've been working in the yard today, and it all started like this.

My neighbor Mandy; "Hi Alan. Hello there Chandler, are you a good boy today?"
Me; "He's been good so far."
Chandler; "Arf, arf, arf, yackk, ackkk!"
Me; "I put that special choker collar on him. He's been barking at little kids, and people on bikes too much lately."
Mandy; "What doesn't he bark at?"
Me; "Honestly, he's been getting better."
Mandy: "Sure he has. By the way, speaking of misbehaving, tell your tenant to pick up his dog shit. He lets his dog crap where ever he wants to, and leaves it."
Me; "I don't tell my tenant what to do when he's not on my property, but please be my guest and tell him yourself to pick up his dog shit. I would only care if he was letting his dog shit in my yard."
Mandy; "You mean your weed patch?"

I couldn't argue that point. I hadn't done any yard work since coming home from Chicago, and that was in August. I just kept telling people that the stuff in the front yard was ground cover. Which it was. Weeds do cover the ground, even better than what you actually want to grow there. Anyway, so that's what I've been doing today, weed whacking, and bush trimming. Oh, and I also discovered that my tenant has been letting his dog shit in my yard. I just couldn't see it in the two foot high weeds.


  1. Sounds like you and your neighbor need to have a "dog-shit" intervention with your tenant!!!

  2. My job is to make my tenant happy, and keep them here. My neighbor's job is to tell my tenant to pick up the poop. After all, what are snoopy neighbors for?

  3. Not another story about poop. If you're going to have another poop story why not have one involving Alexis and Alicia.

  4. Good idea! Lets have them clean Marks shower after Sasha dumps in there....gas masks, hazmat suits, shreiking and wailing....oh that would BE Mark!!!

  5. This is the official petition to have an Alexis and Alicia poop story. Vote yes on the comment section.