Thursday, October 25, 2012

Like a Baby's Ass

Why is it that razor cuts won't stop bleeding. I have smashed my fingers, ripped open my elbow, and taken sheets of skin off my leg without as much bleeding as the tiny cut I opened up this morning while shaving. For the last half hour I have dabbed at it with toilet paper, and still blood dribbles down my lip. When I was a young man my beard was so sparse that I could use the same razor for a year. They didn't wear out because I only had to shave four or five whiskers off my smooth, baby face. Now at the age of sixty two I have had to learn how to really shave. As you age the face becomes a craggy mess of lumps, bumps, and strange growths that you have to maneuver your way around. On my neck the skin changes from smooth right under my chin, to something that resembles the face of a cliff further down. As I shave my neck I have to be very careful that I don't slice open my carotid artery as the razor suddenly grabs one of those outcroppings. I have to go now. The blood has soaked through the little Band-Aid I put on my lip, and is dripping on the keyboard.
                 * * *


  1. try rubbing anti-perspirant deodorant over the cut. works when I cut my legs shaving. ask Alicia, maybe she does the same thing????

  2. Ever hear of a styptic pencil?