Monday, January 28, 2013


Me, and a friend camping it up.
Every once in awhile Mark mentions that we should go camping. A little over a week ago he again suggested that we go with some friends of his. Now if he were talking about throwing on a feather boa, and prancing down Wilton Drive, I would say no. But he's talking about packing up and going to someplace out in the sticks, where we would be sleeping on dirt. Again, I say no.

"No, we wouldn't be sleeping on dirt. They have cabins at this campground."
"With running water, electricity, air conditioning, a big recliner chair, satellite television, and a king sized bed?"

I camped out a lot when I was a kid. I was a boy scout, and later in my hippie days I did my fair share of camping. The point is that when I was a kid, I was resilient, and in my hippie days I was so stoned I didn't know I was uncomfortable. I'm a shade over sixty years now, and I want things to be as comfortable as possible. I figure that as I age my body will start really falling apart, and nothing will feel right. I want to enjoy as much comfort as I can before that happens. So I didn't go camping with Mark and his friends. Good thing too. That weekend was cold, with some rain. This weekend his friends are home sick with the flu.


  1. Camping is like a big pajama party out in the woods.

  2. OMG! Is that Alicia in her early days?

  3. Yes, before her nose job.

  4. One time I had this crazy idea that tent camping would be fun with AP and his two boys. Thank God AP had the presence of mind to say no to that. We ended up renting a cabin in a campground. No lazy boy but satellite TV and a hot tub.

  5. Do the things that keep you young. (Don't worry about it making you old) You will be glowing inside from the experience! Sounds like a nice time to me.

  6. I absolutely hate can it be "fun" to have to do everything one does every day without modern conveniences??!!! It's only fun when you are a kid and everything difficult is done for you! But Laura loves to camp, goes every year with Dustins family, I enjoy the pictures!