Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mother Plugin Computer

At least 5,476 times I have told Mark not to come into my office and bother me when he sees me pecking away at my computer. He has ignored that request 5,475 times. And he wonders why when he steps foot in there, that he pulls out a bloody stump. The problem is that you never know what I might be doing. I don't care if I'm playing solitaire, or doing my taxes, it's my space and time. Stay the hell out!

So the fact that yesterday Mark barged into my office to breathlessly tell me of something that happened on The View, wasn't what really pissed me off. No, it was my bank. They had decided to change something that had been working perfectly for the last three years. I had signed on to do some important business, and a strange screen I have never seen popped up. It was not the usual screen that I have been using to deposit checks. This one had a different layout, was worded differently, and right in the middle was a little X with the words "This plugin is disabled". Plugin? My computer was plugged in, my modem was plugged in. So I clicked on the little X and another screen popped up telling me that I needed Java. So I need a coffee maker plugged in to run this web page? As I was screaming at the computer, and bitching at Mark to get the hell out of my office, the mail came. I opened a letter from my mortgage company. It read, "We have sold your mortgage loan to Money Grubber LLC. Do not send your payment to us. Your payment due on February 1, 2013, should be sent to Money Grubber LLC, in Butte Fuches, North Dakota."
In other words, they gave me one day notice for something I had already sent out, apparently to the wrong place.

I guess it's good that everything that was going to piss me off yesterday happened all at once. I mean, I was already screaming at the computer, and Mark. So when I called my mortgage company, I was already warmed up.


  1. I with you on the banks changing things that have worked perfectly well for years! That's one of the many reasons I got out of Citibank and went to a small local bank. So far at least, things have been ok. Now those mortgage companies . . . . . .

  2. Grrrrrr. I feel for you. I do.

  3. Shittybank is right!