Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If Chandler hates the vacuum so much, why does he keep shedding?

"Clack, click, clickity, clack, clack... "
It's January 28th and I'm still vacuuming up those little ornament hooks from the Christmas tree. Sure the fact that I've only vacuumed once since Mark took down the tree is a factor, but Mark dropping those things and leaving them where they lay didn't help either. For some reason Mark is incapable of bending his knees, or back, and everything he drops stays where he dropped it. Which is why the dogs like to sit by him when he eats and cooks.

Having very bad eyesight makes house cleaning easy. Because of my very poor vision I don't see all the dust and dirt around me. If I can't see it, it's not dirty. It's not until I start seeing the carpets, floors, and furniture starting to take on the look of freshly fallen snow that I notice it's time to clean. I have to tell you, it's actually more satisfying to do it that way. You can see more clearly the stark contrast between clean and dirty. As I run the vacuum cleaner across the living room floor I can see a very sharp line between vacuumed and not vacuumed, between matted dog hair and a lovely clean carpet. What I can't see are those goddamned ornament hooks.

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  1. ZOE chases and bites the vacuum cleaner when I'm trying to use it. It has long ago lost its humorous aspect!