Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Morning

Some guy, Chinese snow man, and me. 1988 in Chicago.
Some people learn from their mistakes. I do, but it takes me getting burned a few times before it sinks in. We have a very nice Chinese family that lives a block away, and they own a restaurant right around the corner from our house. Every morning when I am walking my dogs I run into the matriarch of the family doing her daily health regime, which consists of her walking very fast around the neighborhood while swinging her arms in giant arcs. I saw her Friday morning, as usual, and greeted her.
"Good morning." I say as she flashed by, arms swinging madly.
"Hello, why no see you lately..." She says, obviously not really wanting an answer because she is half a block away before I even figure out what she just said. But she is right. We hadn't ordered food from her restaurant in a very long time. So Sunday, when Mark told me he was too tired to cook dinner I suggested Chinese. It was two in the morning when I remembered why we stopped calling that place. MSG! I had gone to bed just a little after midnight Sunday. Less than two hours later my eyes popped open, and my mind started racing. It was very reminiscent of the time I tried amphetamines as a very young man. Anyway, that was it. I was awake, and stayed awake for the next twenty two hours. So last night, after watching the Daily Show, and the Letterman monologue, I finally drifted off to sleep. It was around three this morning when I realized I should have thrown out those Chinese takeout leftovers instead of eating them right before going to bed.


  1. When we have Chinese, we always order with no MSG. Nothing worse than being up 22 hours! By the way, love the picture!!

  2. Wait. I can buy Chinese food instead of amphetamines? Good bye jail-time hello all-night house cleaning!

  3. Hostess, you could just snort some Accent brand seasoning, but Chinese food is a much more pleasant delivery system.

  4. You look like your sister Nancy in the photo!!