Monday, January 21, 2013

Stealth Bomber

"Yeeeeaaaaarrrrgggghhhh! Ahhhh nooo, nooooooo!"
It at first terrifies me, and then amuses me no end. That is the sound of Mark stepping barefoot, into a puddle of Sasha's pee as he leaves the bathroom. You see, Sasha is trained to pee in Mark's shower if she can't make it outside, and if the door to the bathroom is closed, she just does it right there. Another place Sasha mistakenly pees is on my bathroom floor. I understand why, the floor has the exact same tile as the floor of Mark's shower, and the girl gets confused. What I don't understand is when she does it. When does Sasha leave her perch behind the pillows on the bed, and pee on the floor? I have never, ever caught her peeing in the wrong place. The floor will be dry as a bone, and Sasha will be sleeping up among the pillows. Ten minutes later there will be piss where there had been none, and Sasha will still be in the exact same spot I had seen her before. Not a hair out of place, not a pillow moved. She has to be the stealthiest little piddler on Earth, because if it isn't her, it could only be one of two other possibilities. The first possibility is Chandler. The second, but unlikely source might be Mark. But then again, Chandler has never peed in the house since he was a puppy, and Mark misses the toilet all the time.

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  1. Gentle a doggie litter box forma Christsake.