Friday, January 11, 2013

Tree Hugger

In 1994 I planted a stick of a tree in my front yard. It is called a 'live oak', and I told everybody that I planted it to shade my car. Some people thought that was funny.

Here is that tree today complete with Spanish Moss dripping from it's branches.

What I find so interesting is the other plant life that it has attracted, 
including something called ball moss.

The tree also supports an orchid plant, and a staghorn fern that has attached itself to the bark.

High up in the crown of the tree are the purple flowers of a bougainvillea 
that has climbed it's way up.


  1. that is so cool. Beautiful tree!

  2. Its own little life system! Hopefully none of the "attachers" will kill it. :o(

  3. Peggy, they won't kill the tree. I got the 'seed' Spanish moss off two hundred year old trees in Savannah, Georgia. I brought back a bit in a large baggie, and threw it up into the tree. Nature did the rest. If it hasn't killed the trees in Savannah, it won't kill mine. By the way, it looks a bit sparse because it's winter and the leaves have been shed.