Friday, May 29, 2015

Down Time

I remember when I was a kid and I was bored, I'd whine to my mom that there was nothing to do. Her reply was always, "Spit in your shoe." I was not amused. Now, as an adult, when I have nothing to do it doesn't mean I am bored. It usually means I have some spare time to take a nap.

Unfortunately a nap is one of the two states of being that Mark hates to see me in. Besides rousting me the moment he sees my eyes close, Mark also hates to see me moving around the house. The only reason I would be moving around the house is if I have a specific task that I want to accomplish. For some reason that irks Mark and he immediately stops me with a request of some kind.
"Alan, put the clothes in the dryer for me."
"Alan, empty my waste basket."
"Alan, bring me a glass of water."
I could be cleaning the kitchen, or taking the dogs outside, or any number of things. I could be right in the middle of writing one of these stupid little stories and Mark will put a stop to it.

So those are the two things that Mark hates to see me doing, being very still with my eyes closed and moving about the house with my eyes open. It's really very irritating. Which is why I like it when Mark goes out leaving me alone in the house, and why Mark should check his shoes before he puts them on.