Thursday, August 18, 2016

Coming Soon! Mark's New Kitchen.

It's finally begun. The kitchen, the fabulous kitchen that I promised Mark so that I could get him to move to Chicago has begun. Yesterday they delivered forty four boxes of cabinets. For over an hour two stumpy little guys with the strength of Superman lugged those things down into our basement. On Friday... or Saturday, the contractor says he will do the demolition, or as those of us hip on this remodeling call it, "demo". The tacky tile floor will be torn up, all the old, ugly cabinets will be torn from the wall, and the unnecessary soffits above them removed. We will then be ready for the rebuilding. Hopefully the floor under the old tile can be saved. It would be nice if all the hardwood floors in the house matched, but if we have to tile it over, fine. New electrical will be installed and new plumbing for the refrigerator and the washing machine installed. Yes, I am putting a washer and dryer in the kitchen. It's so European, don't you think? Actually, I hate lugging those clothes up and down the stairs to the basement and there is no room in the bedroom for a laundry. Most of all it will mean Mark can do the laundry while he cooks me dinner. So the kitchen is on its way. The contractor gave us a time frame of two weeks, so I assumed three. It will probably be four. Especially since I talked to the plumber that I asked to do the plumbing. He just told me he's leaving for vacation on Monday. Bad for me, no plumber. Bad for him, he's vacationing in Florida. Florida in August, only a guy from Chicago would think that's a good idea.


  1. Hotel rates in Florida in the middle of August must be cheap.

  2. Tropical storm Fiona gaining strength . . .