Friday, August 12, 2016

Just How Long Is Its Memory?

It's been a bit of a rough week. On Tuesday, as I was walking quietly from the rear of the house to the living room, my back went into spasms. I was walking. I wasn't carrying anything, I wasn't turning. Walking one second, doubled over on the floor in agony the next. That went on for the rest of the day. If I moved at all, my back went into a spasm. So I lost Tuesday. By Wednesday I felt better and was able to do one chore around here that I had wanted to do Tuesday. I installed a planter with flowers on the front porch. It was a bit painful, but some Exedrin, Alleve, and vodka fixed me right up.

Yesterday, Thursday, seemed to start okay, but then while I was watching cute kitty videos and leaving snarky comments on Facebook, I noticed that the internet was slowing down. By ten o'clock I had no internet, I had no television. A single utility pole apparently caught fire five miles away, and it put most of the north side out. All day long internet and television would come and go, until later in the evening, as I was taking Scout to her training class, Mark called crying.
"There's no television. No internet. I'm stuck here in the house without television and this is the most important night of the season...  It's double elimination night."
I was confused. Double elimination? Was Mark planning to poop twice?
"On Big Brother, it's double elimination night on Big Brother... waaaahhhhh... and I have no cable or internet...  waaaahhhhhhhh..."
I hung up the phone and continued on to the training class. On the way home, after the class, I called Mark back.
"Waaaahhhh.........   I hate you.... waaahhhhhh... "
Apparently still no television.

I hung up and stopped at White Castle for some comfort food and the promise of my own double elimination later in the evening. I have to give Scout some credit. She rides very quietly in the car and did not beg for any of my White Castles. What I also have to give Scout credit for is what I found in my bed later in the evening. Does anybody know how to get dog pee out of memory foam?


  1. What a bummer of a day!
    No wonder Scout was all goody, well knowing the surprise she had prepared for you at home.
    Hope your back is being nice to you!

    1. Three days of no pee in the house so far. Maybe the howls of Mark helped.