Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our New Dog, Scout

Four days now with Scout. That's her name, although Mark keeps calling her "Big Betty". It is a bit confusing for Chandler because every time I say her name, Chandler thinks I am saying "out" and runs to the door. Maybe Big Betty isn't such a bad a name after all. Anyway, although she is over a year old Big Betty... I mean Scout, is rough. I don't think anybody has worked with her very much in the past. She has chewed up one of Mark's shoes, and has targeted a few other things for chewing up, but so far we have been one step ahead. Well almost always one step ahead. This morning she was running through the house with a bag full of Mark's meds in her mouth. That could have been a real mess if I hadn't heard the rattle of the pills. She's hyper enough already without overdosing. As for her toilet habits, I still haven't figured that one out yet. I have her on a schedule, but even with that, minutes after coming back in the house she feels the need to pee. So far only one poop pile, right in the middle of my office, but the peeing thing is a problem. Thank goodness I have a very good pee detector so that the pee doesn't sit on the hardwood floor for too long. That would be Mark. He likes to walk around the house barefoot. When I hear that squeal/cry of horror, I know he found the puddle.

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