Tuesday, August 30, 2016

En Fuego 불

Sorry to say, the kitchen is not finished. It is about one third done so we are still eating out every single night. Last night it was buck burgers at Big Chicks again. You can't beat the price and I get to have a few beers with my dollar burger. Last Saturday we switched it up a bit. We went to a Korean restaurant. And by Korean I mean they barely spoke English and we were the only non-Asians in the place. So ordering was a bit of an exercise of faith. I had to depend on the little old man who sat us at our table to recommend a dish. I chose something called Jacyuck Bukum because I was told it would be not so spicy. I am of Germanic and British descent, and I don't do spicy. After a bit our dinner was placed on the table. Mark got something with pork. It looked nasty, all red and dangerous. Sure enough, I took a taste and my tongue began to tingle. Too spicy for me. I returned to my Jacyuck Bukum, which was not so spicy, as promised. However, the little man returned to the table accompanied by another, younger little man, and proceeded to place nine other dishes on the table. Seeing as Mark and I do not speak Korean, we had no idea what was in those dishes, so we started tasting. Dish one, very spicy. Dish two, Throat searing spicy. Dish three, gelatinous, but still spicy. Dish four, stomach burning spicy. By the time I sampled what was in dish number five we were up to gut burning level of spicy. That was when I gave up, because I am sure the next level of spicy involved flames and my anus.

So the kitchen isn't done and we will still be going out to eat for awhile. Unfortunately we found out yesterday that the plumber cannot do his part until next Saturday, which will put us behind by a week. This news of course, did not go over well with Mark, who is not a patient man. In fact I would call his reaction to this news as flaming bunghole spicy. He was not happy.

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