Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I paid about seven dollars to see the Rolling Stones in 1969, and that was for pretty good seats. We were only about sixty feet from the stage. I've also attended Led Zepplin, Jefferson Airplane, and Who concerts, and I always have had pretty good seats. We had some fun back then. I can still remember the aroma of patchouli oil wafting through the air, along with the inevitable marijuana. We even had our own version of "Woo-woo" girls. Hippie chicks lofted up on their boyfriend's shoulders.

Last evening we went to see Don Henley of Eagles fame at the Ravinia Festival. The Eagles is one group that I never did see live and this was as close as I will ever get to seeing them, seeing as Glenn Frey is dead. I have to give thanks to my long time friend, Dennis. He arranged this outing and it cost me much less than seven dollars. He got us in there for free! Cheaper than The Rolling Stones in 1969. One thing that shocked me was the age of the audience. It was full of old people. I mean, when did old people get interested in rock concerts? Instead of the heady bouquet of hippies and pot, the place smelled of Gold Bond Powder and Ben-Gay. There were old folks with walkers and canes everywhere. It was so sad when I realized that these were the same people that I went to concerts with years ago. Yes, I'm getting pretty damn old, but do you know what is even sadder? Old woo-woo girls. No matter how much they shook their titties, or jumped up out of their seats to dance, Don Henley didn't care. He's old too and those woo-woo girl titties are very nearly hitting the floor when they dance.

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