Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No More Cinco in the Kitchen

"How long do you think it will take?"
"Umm... dos, tres horas."
My twenty seven years in South Florida was paying off. I understood the guy who was going to demo our kitchen perfectly. However, he looked at me and realized his mistake, Gringo, and so he repeated it in English. Fine, except it actually took siete horas to do the demo, and they still weren't done. They will be back today to remove the soffits. The thing that took so long was the floor. It took them forever to peel the layers of vinyl tile and linoleum. When they were about halfway done with the floor there was a discussion. You see, we hoped that there would be old hardwood flooring under all that crap, and there is! Once again the discussion was in Espanol about refinishing the floor, and once again I understood what they were talking about.
"I don't care if it is a different patina than the rest of the house. We'll sand it down and refinish it." I told them in English.
So we are on our way to the fantastic kitchen that I promised Mark. Right now it looks like hell, but I'm sure it will all come together. One person who is beside herself about the destruction of the kitchen is Scout. That's her bedroom. It's where she sleeps all night until six thirty in the morning, when she demands to go walkies. I think if she has some patience and lets the men do their work, she will be rewarded with Mark's dream kitchen and her dream dog bedroom.

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