Friday, August 26, 2016

It May Have Been a Bird, a Bat, or a Rat.

Things are going well between Chandler and Scout. Scout has a new friend to play with and Chandler now has a new little sister he has to put up with. And who doesn't want a small dog constantly barking at you and biting your ears and ankles, which she does do to Chandler for much of the day. She has made Chandler her bitch. At least they walk on their leashes together quite well. They're like a team, barking madly at passing pedestrians and bicyclists. They both find the best stink to roll in together, and seem to have the poop thing down. Meaning, they poop in the exact same place every time. One problem I have when walking them, is that they are excellent hunters. When the two of them see a squirrel or a bunny rabbit they nearly knock me over when the chase ensues. While their hunting styles do differ, Chandler more of a stealthy, sneaker type and Scout the chaser type, they both end up barking up the same tree. This morning they really caught me by surprise. We were walking nicely along when Chandler lunged and came up with some shrieking animal in his mouth. This energized Scout who frantically tried to get in on the action. I am not sure just what he caught, it was small, gray, furry, and it screamed like hell as I yelled for Chandler to drop it. Which he eventually did. So like I said, they are good hunters. Except for that day last week when they came upon a skunk one street over. I don't know if it was instinct or luck, but they did not chase that one. Instead we all stood about four feet away from it and stared in horror as the skunk stared back.

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