Friday, January 25, 2008

Photo Friday

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Lovely Molly has been having incontinence problems lately, and as a result she has been banned from all furniture. After peeing on her very own easy chair that I kept next to my bed for her, I had no choice. The sad look on her face forced me to find a solution, so I went up to ‘Target’ and bought her a new bed. Since she follows me around the house and where ever I am, she lays down, I’ve had to drag the new bed with me just so that she’s happy.
I was amazed at how she took to the new bed. She sensed immediately that it was hers and hers alone. No cat, no Mark yelling at her to get out, and no barricades keeping her off. She loves it.


  1. Dennis, doesn't it give you deja vu when you see so much of your old furniture?

  2. Speaking of deja vu, your "cute kid" photo is right below this post. After reading about your TLC for Molly & thinking about some of my own "cute kid" photos it made me think: when we're kids we have no idea where our lives will take us. Who could have told us what kind of lives we would be living 50 yrs. later. What will we be doing in 10-20 more?...........I need more coffee.

  3. Yes, it all does look very familiar. Maybe it's because I was already peeing on it before you got it.

  4. Hear that everyone? A case of Depends for Dennis on his next birthday, I believe it is his seventy third.

  5. TMI Dennis!!! You do look great for your age though. I'm surprised Molly took to her bed so easily. she is obviously a good girl. Congrats.

  6. That doggie bed was a good idea Alan. Many older companion animals may get arthrtis just like us humans. Image when you're 90 years old and trying to jump up on a bed or couch that is level with your shoulders.

    Does the doggie bed have a washable cover? If not you might want to get a waterproof lining for it.

    That is what I did for Marlene the cat when she had accidents in her bed in her later years. I covered the cat bed with a plastic bag and put a washable towel over it for her incontinence.

    I'm glad you decided not to put her down because of that. Some people would.

    I hope no one euthanizes me in my elderly age just because I peed in bed.

  7. Dennis most likely knows what happen to happy guys like him who become incontinent. SSSh,nursing home)