Friday, January 11, 2008

Photo Friday


In nineteen ninety five my next door neighbors, Eunice and Diana, found an abandoned puppy and rescued her.

They named her Molly.

Soon Molly came over to live with me and a bunch of cats.

As much fun as cats were to Molly, she soon grew tired of getting claws stuck in her nose.

So she soon made freinds with the girl in the front apartment, Sophie.

She particularly liked the way Sophie tasted, like a furry chewy strip.

When Sophie moved away, Molly had to settle for ordinary stuffed toys.

Now that Molly is much older, we sit around and have deep intellectual conversations.

Last night she told me, that after watching all of the debates on TV, that she's pretty sure she'll vote for Barak Obama.

Hey this is Florida, anyone can vote. They just don't count them.


  1. I LOVE your photo Friday today! Molly is so cute. I enjoyed watching her "grow-up" in your photos. Thanks.

  2. Does that mean that Molly is voting for him because they are both black? (That's how some people think-remember only Catholics bvoted for Kennedy!)

  3. Boy has she gotten old and so has your dog.

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  5. All Mohammed's freinds are voting for him. I bet this won't get past the censor.Condi isn't running, but you are right, Bill's wife is.That's great,She'll promise to iron my shirts and do my laundry.She has promised to do everything else, and even has wiped a tear from her eye.

  6. Wow! This is definitely great writing. It sparked a whole debate on the candidates running for president. All that from cute pictures of a good friend. The dog I mean.

  7. EWWWW... some juicey comments have been deleted.

    Molly sure was a cute pup. She has really calmed down too. For some reason when I would visit, Molly would like to stand on her hind legs and want to dance with me. comment on this is needed Alan.

  8. It's really funny how Molly's life parallels my Annie's. They look a lot alike and Annie was a "dumper dog" that someone shoved out of a car at the end of my street. I picked her up and she's been with us ever since, earning her keep by bringing in the newspaper.... as long as there are no squirrels around!

  9. molly is cute.

    that's all.

  10. I should have known political speak would get Uncle David's comment. I remember Grandpa was huge into politics too. I think I've learned a word or two from listening to his opinions. Boo Freakin Hoo Hillary.