Friday, January 4, 2008

Photo Friday

Mark's New Years Pork Roast

Every New Years day Mark makes a special dinner. This year it was smoked roast pork.

He starts out with it on the grill using wood chips for the smoke.
He leaves it out on the grill for about two hours.

After bringing it into the kitchen....... goes into the oven for another three or four hours at a low temperature.

Served with sauteed corn and home-made potato salad.

A Delicious start to 2008.

Of course Molly will do anything for a taste of the pork, including making faces and dancing.

Nothing left but the bone.


  1. Looks Good!!! Mark doesn't look real thrilled at being photographed while he is cooking, but he must enjoy doing it. That's a lot of hours to cook your meat. By the way, isn't that called "pulled pork"?

  2. Where's the video of Molly dancing for dinner?

  3. She won't cross the writers guild pickett line.

  4. Alan, It looks like you aren't part of the writer's guild union. hehe