Sunday, April 20, 2008

Foot Surgery

I tend to get nervous before flying or surgery, Wednesday morning was no different. I awoke at four thirty in the morning so that I would be on time for my five thirty appointment at the hospital. After showering, shaving and making sure I was totally ready, Mark and I got in the car and headed for Holy Cross Hospital. Mark, as usual, made me nuts with his driving. Even so, I sat there like a good boy and said nothing, while Mark made his way up Federal Highway towards the hospital at a snails pace. We were in sight of the hospital when I realized I had forgotten all the paperwork needed to be admitted for surgery. "God Damn It, Turn Around!" I yelled, "I forgot the paperwork, turn around!". With just ten minutes to spare, Mark started to lazily drift over to the left lane in preparation of turning around. "Will you hurry up!", I continued to shout, "My grandmother can walk faster than you drive.". The truth is, I found out that I really didn't need to go back and get the paperwork, all the information is in the hospital computer. It was just my nerves getting to me. Though even if I wasn't getting surgery, Marks driving still would make me nuts.

I have to say, the foot surgery went just fine. Everything went smoothly, there was not one problem from admitting, to my trip out to the car in the wheel chair after surgery. The nurses were great, my surgeon was attentive and explained everything, and the anesthesiologist was pleasant and did a perfect job. And despite my fear of nuns, Sister Mary Nohabit, who wanted to pray with me in pre-op, even smiled and blessed me after I snarled "No, go away." at her.

My first twenty four hours after the surgery are a little foggy, because I was high on Oxycodone or Percocet as it is known. I was so loopy that I don't even remember talking to people on the phone, and when my tenant came over with toys for the cats I thought they were for me. You have to admit, if you were high on a class II narcotic, you might think a ball rolling across the floor with strobe lights in it was really cool too.


  1. OK Rush, I think you enjoyed the meds just a little too much. You always were a little fond of rolling around. Are you tap dancing yet?

  2. I have roller blades if your ready to strap them on and take a spin?

  3. Loopy...I like that term. hehe

  4. Hi Alan, yikes, now I know what I have to look forward to. I probably should have had that surgery done 20 years ago too, but fear keeps you from it. Now it is a necessary thing. Well, I'll look for helpful hints from you.
    I guess I held onto my crutches for a reason!
    Take care!

  5. Glad to hear surgery went well and you're doing fine. Sounds like that pesty thing runs in the family. Enjoy your meds!!!

  6. Alan, I had no idea you were not a "procrastinating Putz"! Seems like I just heard you talking about the neuroma and now you are without it. Good for you, take care and ease off the pain pills ASAP!!!