Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Moving Day

Here in our neighborhood when walking your dog, it is considered good manners to pick up your dogs poop and take it home with you. Luckily I have found a spot where nobody can see Molly taking a dump and if nobody else is around, I leave it. Now if she can't squeeze it out at that spot and she craps on somebody's front lawn, I do pick it up and carry it back home in a plastic bag. I know, I should always pick up the turds, but it is such a long walk with a stinky bag of poop.

I have a lot more poop cleaning in my future. Cat poop that is, because I have finally made the move and brought Fat Kitty into our house. So far, so good. I put her in a cat carrier, that I then left in my office where Carlotta could come in and sniff her. It seemed to work. Carlotta looked into the carrier, and then turned around and left. After Carlotta left I opened it up and let Fat Kitty walk around. She immediately went over to the kitty litter box and took a crap and a leak. I'm so proud of her.

This morning Fat Kitty went to the doctor for her shots, and a general checkup. This included bagging up a pile of her fresh poop, and bringing it with me. All I can say about that is, Fat Kitty's poop is very aromatic. The doctor said she is in good health, no worms, no fleas, and she weighs over eleven pounds. In contrast, Carlotta weighs less than five pounds. This morning Carlotta got a good look at Fat Kitty up close and out of her cage for the first time. It apparently scared the hell out of Carlotta to find out just how big Fat Kitty is, because she has been hiding under the bed ever since.

Other than that, everything seems to be fine. Molly and Fat Kitty have agreed on sharing the sofa in my office, just as long as Molly keeps a one cushion buffer, and Carlotta did come out from under the bed for her late afternoon meal. The best part about the whole thing is that I now have two proven rat killers in the house. So I say to the rats, Bring It On!


  1. Fat Kitty is a big girl. She waited a long time for her spot in your house; I hope she enjoys her new life out of the heat and rain.

  2. Yeah for the effort in adjusting Fat Kitty indoors! You can now make it just as interesting indoors for her as it was outdoors. Make a nice sisal rope scratching post and drench it with cat nip and keep her nails trimmed (watch out for the nail vein) so she'll won't rip your furniture to shreds. Just give her lots of attention. She's a keeper. She's now next in line to the Kitty Throne currently held by Carlotta.

    Just one more thing. It would be nice to see Fat Kitty's face more rather than her back end or when she's turning away. This take practice to be a good pet photographer.