Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Afraid You'll Need to Spend More

There is a sad pattern with contractors here in South Florida where they give you an estimate, show up for a few days of work and then disappear. I really hope that isn't what is happening here.

The guy from the pool company started working on my pool last Tuesday morning in a cloud of dust and a frenzy of activity. Cutting and slicing up my back yard like one of Marks meatloaves. He showed up again the next day and continued cutting the pool and deck up, creating a mess that I was assured will be put back in order. On Thursday, he didn't show up until after noon, but he did seem to get all of the re-piping done that day and it didn't bother me much. Friday he showed up around three in the afternoon, walked around yakking on his cell phone for about fifteen minutes, puttered around in the bottom of the pool for another few minutes, and then he left. Today, Monday, it is ten fifteen in the morning and he is still not here.

I really don't know if this will all turn out okay, but looking at the mess in my yard I get a queasy feeling. Having heard horror stories, it does make me a little worried. The guy did promise to have it all done in a week, but it looks like it would take a miracle to make that happen.

Oh yes there is another thing contractors like to do. When they get started on a project they seem to always find an unforeseen problem that really needs to be dealt with. Of course this will require more expense on my part, and this project is no different. For two hundred dollars more I need my pool acid washed so that the sections he worked on will match the rest of the pool. At this point I just figure I should expect to spend a thousand more than planned on because he still has a few days to find more 'unforeseen problems'.


  1. They all seem to be scum bags and liars. No matter what they say or even put in writing, they do what they want. Of course, they always show up the first day and tear everything up so you have no choice but to put up with what they hand out. I hope you didn't pay everything up front. At least if you owe them money they may come back to finish the job.

  2. I hope this doesn't turn into a money pit for you. Be optimistic. It may turn out just fine. You will need to keep on top of the guy though, to keep things rolling.

  3. If they don't complete the work you can take them to small claims court....and then go on "People's Court"! I just love Judge Marilyn Milian....and she's from Florida! She'll probably be sympathetic to you!

  4. I think you should have either demonlished the pool and laid down sod or made a Koi pond. That pool going to continue to be a money sucker now.