Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beans and Rice

My friend from Chicago, Dennis, and I aren't heavy drinkers on our own. I haven't had a drink since Saturday night, and Dennis tells me he hasn't had one in over a month. The problem is when we get together. When I lived in Chicago we would often, like nightly, go out drinking together. I could slug down drink after drink, and by the end of the night I'd have drunk myself nearly sober. Not any more. Now it only takes three drinks to do it to me. The problem with that is the third drink makes me so stupid I'll order a fourth, so Mark has learned to whisk me out of the bar as soon as he sees that third drink halfway down.

Dennis has come to visit me. He's going to be here for around three weeks, and tonight we're going out for a cocktail or two. Hopefully we have learned in our old age to moderate. Also for one of those weeks, Mark and I will be up in Chicago while Dennis watches Chandler and Sasha. Just to be safe, I plan on eating a large portion of Mark's jambalaya tonight which is mostly rice and beans. I've learned over the years that beans tend to soak up the alcohol, and the rice doesn't hurt either. Now that should keep me sober. Either that or there'll be a drunk wandering around town blowing farts.


  1. What does Dennis look like in drag, or should I ask...

  2. I will publish a photo of him in drag tomorrow. Heads up, he looks like Kathy Bates.

  3. I presume the latter.