Friday, March 15, 2013

Just Rice Today

Ugh, I'm hung-over today. I was mistaken yesterday when I said Mark put beans in his jambalaya, and those would soak up the alcohol. He doesn't, and there was nothing to soak up the alcohol last night except for my brain. Another problem with yesterday evening was that nobody recommended that I stop drinking after three drinks. Instead my friend Dennis suggested we go across the street and drink some more at a different bar. For that reason, and because of a request to see Dennis in drag, I have put the above photo in today's post.(Correction, Since Dennis threatened to kill me if I published that photo, I have instead posted an artists rendering of what it did look like.)_

My gnarled stomach and pounding headache aside, it seems that I didn't get the worst of it last night. Mark wins the award for most awful experience of the evening. While texting to a friend and attempting to take a leak at the same time, Mark dropped his phone... In the toilet, not the urinal. He brought the thing home, dripping wet, and put it in a bowl of rice to dry it off. That means that Mark put his hand into a public toilet, in a bar, late in the evening after it had received much use. Yes, that makes me smile all over the inside of my face. On the outside though, I look very concerned.


  1. When will people learn that their phone is NOT really attached to their hand and they actually can live without checking it every second! Remind me to never borrow his phone to make a call!

  2. Dennis does look a lot like Kathy Bates.
    It's pleasant to see someone else can draw hungover and I'm delighted to see so many uses for rice.

  3. The most amazing thing is that the rice thing worked. Mark's phone is working today. Smells a bit like sewage, but other than that it's fine.

  4. Nobody recommended that you stop after three drinks??!! What kind of friends do you have?

    Hangovers are the worst.

    Go get some sleep.

  5. You need to add a giant pearl necklace on Dennis. Just like the original photo...I think.