Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cheese Heads

There is something reassuring when I'm sitting on a airplane, and I smell the aroma of coffee mixed with the odor of that blue toilet disinfectant that they use on airplanes. It means that the plane successfully got off the ground, and I am in a seat near the front.

All went well with our trip to Chicago and Milwaukee. We saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Auditorium Theater. Go see it if you have the chance. It was very good, especially the ping pong ball scene. We also took a tour of the Robie House on the south side of Chicago. Robie House is a beautiful home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and is in the middle of being refurbished. Folks in the tour group were horrified though, when Mark said he would paint all the woodwork white if he owned the house. I don't think anybody is going to sell Mark a historical home soon anyway, so they needn't worry. Finally, what was perhaps the height of our trip to Wisconsin, second only to the wedding, and possibly our drunken outing with my sisters, was our stop at the Mars Cheese Castle. Nothing like a  roadside tourist attraction to round out a hungover drive back to Chicago. I had a bratwurst on a bun with a Diet Coke, while Mark shopped for cheeses and useless crap. By the way Dennis, you'll find a delicious cheddar infused with red onions in your refrigerator. Real good on a hamburger.


  1. Glad to see someone availed themselves of the wonderful sights on the road between Milwaukee and Chicago!! Next time stop for a great breakfast at Apple Holler... great pies there!!

  2. I have passed the Mars Cheese Castle many, many times in my life and never wanted to stop there. After stopping there, I still don't want to stop there. As for Apple Holler, I thought Mark was joking when he told me to stop there. He was bitching so badly about it, that I quickly gave in when we approached the Mars Cheese Castle.

    It was just like when we were kids and dad would drive by the Tastee Freeze.

  3. You didn't stop at the Jelly Belly factory?! :(

  4. There is a Jelly Belly factory on the way to Milwaukee? Just what I need, more jelly for my belly.