Sunday, March 3, 2013


I took Sasha out for her evening walk the other day and ran into the nice lady around the corner. I noticed that her little dog, Olivia, was wearing a coat.
"Well doesn't Olivia look stunning in her leopard print coat." I gushed.
Diane was very pleased that I had noticed, but then she got a bit of a frown on her face as she took a long look at my dog.
"Where is Sasha's coat? She's going to freeze out here tonight."
Diane was wrong, Sasha was not going to freeze. The temperature was sixty degrees.

Floridians are a different breed when it comes to cold weather. We are pussys, and big babies. That's because for six months solid the thermometer never strays under seventy nine degrees, and that is only if it rains. For the rest of the time the temperature stays above seventy except for about two weeks worth of days when it can drop as low as the thirties.

Tonight was one of those times it got really cold. It is forecast to drop into the upper forties. Brrrrr...  As I walked outside with Chandler tonight I noticed that there was quite a lot of smoke in the air. I've witnessed this phenomena before, and this time I knew better than to call the fire department. The last time this happened I could swear the smoke was coming from a house down the street, so I called and asked if they could send a police car to check it out. Five minutes later my house was surrounded by fire trucks, and a burly firefighter was pounding on my door. She scared the hell out of me. Anyway, it turned out that all it was, were the fireplaces of my upscale neighbors. You know, the very same folks who bitch and whine about second hand cigarette smoke.

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  1. "and a burly firefighter was pounding on my door. She scared the hell out of me"

    MADE. MY. DAY.