Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Forward, Fall Back?

Quick, no looking at any kind of a clock, what time is it? You had to think about that for a moment, didn't you? Goddamned time change, I hate it. Spring back, fall forward, I can never remember what I'm supposed to do. Thank goodness for my satellite television, and the computer.

Yesterday morning I woke up at six. I knew something was wrong because it was pitch black outside, and the neighbor's dogs weren't barking. It didn't matter, I was now wide awake. I laid there in bed for over an hour with Sasha snoring away on the pillow next to my head, with Chandler stretched out across the foot of the bed. They knew what time it was. They knew they had hours before it was time to go walkies. I just kept laying there thinking, shouldn't it be just a little bit lighter outside? But no, the sun didn't start coming around until nearly eight and by that time I was ready to fall asleep again. Not Chandler. His inner clock woke him up and at exactly eight in the morning he jumped off the bed and started whining.

Last night Mark and I watched television in bed until well after one in the morning. We were wide awake. Today I am a bit daylight savings time lagged. The dogs still are confused as to why I have walked them so early, but we will get used to it. What I don't understand is why they change the time twice a year. What purpose does it serve? They say it has something to do with farmers and them needing more sun in the evening, but that's bullshit. They have head lights on their tractors and lights in the barn. Not only that, it's the same amount of daylight no matter where you move it. I have to go now to feed the cats and walk the dogs. They aren't ready for it, but I don't want to stay up until two in the morning again.


  1. There's Alan in his bonnet
    With all the Sasha fur upon it
    He'll be the greatest queen
    In the Easter Parade!

  2. Blessed are those who sleep with their dogs....I could not do it!!!