Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Don't Forget the Beach

"Hey Alan, let's go to this famous German restaurant while we're in Milwaukee. Oh, and they have a nice art museum in Milwaukee."
"No Mark... "
"Milwaukee Public Museum looks good too, and the Harley Davidson Museum."
"But Mark... "
"I want to go to this Third Ward neighborhood. They say it has lots of shopping."
"Mark! Listen to me... "
"We should go to Miller Park."
"Okay, that's enough. Miller Park is for baseball and they aren't even playing yet."

He does this every time we travel. Mark cooks up a slew of things to do so that every single waking second is occupied. He leaves no room for my required naps, (two a day) and no relief for my tired wallet. Mark doesn't understand that I can't keep going non-stop, and it's not because of old age. Even when I was young I needed a break when I traveled. The biggest problem with our trip to Milwaukee and Mark's obsession with seeing everything that is there to see, is that we will be there less than twenty four hours. At least four of those hours will be at my niece's wedding. So I will need a hour or so for napping when we arrive at our hotel. Then there is the time it takes to attend a wedding. This is followed by eight hours of sleep after the wedding, breakfast, my after breakfast nap, and finally checking out of the hotel. I suppose we can drive by that famous German Restaurant on our way back to Chicago.


  1. save time for visiting with your awesome family too!

  2. Milwaukee is more fun in the summer, so come back then and visit the newlyweds!!!

  3. I'm on Mark's side for this. Did you make it to the German restaurant? Was it Mader's? And really, you should have visited the art museum. It's pretty awesome.

  4. Let's see, we got to Milwaukee at around 2 in the afternoon, checked into the hotel, and then went out for a quick lunch. By the time we got back to the hotel it was time to get ready for 'The Wedding'. After the wedding it was binge drinking with your aunts, and cousins until 2 in the morning. At 10 the next morning we got up, with a hangover, got dressed and checked out of the hotel, stopped at the Mars Cheese Castle, and then finished driving the rest of the way back to Chicago. So besides the fact that it was colder than Frosty The Snowman's wiener, we had no time for such things as sightseeing, shopping, or museums.

    BTW, Mark keeps referring to the wedding as "The Mumford and Sons Wedding". You crazy hipsters. Loved it.