Monday, March 11, 2013

Eye Candy

Right now I am doing the most hated part of being a landlord. I'm interviewing potential tenants and showing them the available apartment. Wait a minute, I take that back. That would be the second most hated thing. The first would be having to evict the previous tenants, and then going into the apartment with a gas mask to clean up the food from the bedroom closet floor and the dog shit from every other room of the house.

Over the weekend there has been a parade of potential tenants taking the guided tour of the property. There was the neighbor, who I like, that never called me back after saying he wanted it for sure. Couples, both gay and straight, have looked it over. The most intriguing, and possibly the best damn looking prospects, were two young men of about twenty who would look spectacular laying out by the swimming pool all summer. And by best damn looking, I mean they were handsome young guys who run in marathons. They were very fit and tanned. So that's why I have drawn up a lease, put in the special instructions about the pool area, and I will offer it to the older straight couple for a hundred dollars less than the two fit young guys were told. I'm no idiot, at least not any more. The last time I rented to two young guys was the time I had to clean the food off of the bedroom closet floor.


  1. Your entrance looks so tropical and inviting!

  2. So does your front door.

  3. Is that a gay kinky thing? Eating food in the bedroom closet?