Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It Snowed 70 Years ago

Seventy years ago today, my mom and dad got married on a very snowy day. Over four inches of snow fell on the morning of their wedding. My mom tells me she walked to the church just as you see her in these photos.

Dad passed thirteen years ago, but mom is very much with us and in charge at 91.


  1. Fantastic photos. p.s. It's supposed to snow here in Philly today.

  2. She talks about walking down the street to the church in her fancy little high heels....no boots! I can't believe no one popped for a cab on that day!!
    We're just hoping that the Chicago/Milwaukee area will be all snowed out by 3/23!!!

  3. Great pictures Alan. Thanks!

  4. I love those old photographs. people were much more elegant.