Thursday, August 8, 2013

Exciting New Weight Loss Plan!

So we took the dogs to the vet yesterday and here is the good news. Chandler has lost eleven pounds, is very healthy, and the vet says although he could lose another four pounds she'd be happy with him maintaining his present weight. Unfortunately, Sasha has only lost two pounds and retains the shape of a football. I suspect Mark is slipping her scraps from his meals, because I have cut way back on her dog food. What I found entertaining is that the staff and the veterinarian are a bit afraid of one of my dogs, and it's not the big one. Sasha has it written in her chart that she is, "A bit testy, and tends to suddenly snap". So when they give Sasha her checkup and shots, they wrap her in a large towel. Meanwhile Chandler is treated like a giant teddy bear. They coo to him what a good boy he is, and generally gush about his good temperament. The truth is, Sasha is a drama queen. She does scream out when she gets her shots, she doesn't like to have her butt touched, and if you grab her by her back legs she will try to take one of your fingers off. Now, about their amazing weight loss. I have been very vigilant keeping their food to a minimum and gave Mark strict instructions not to feed them what he doesn't eat, which is usually half his dinner. So far this is working out pretty well. In fact I think the diet plan I have worked out for the dogs might work for me. So I have instructed Mark to move all the food in the kitchen out of my reach, and only feed me half of what he usually does in a bowl on the floor. He can touch my butt though, and grab me by the legs. I promise, I won't bite him.


  1. yeah and remember keep the bowl of cat food off the buffet table while entertaining house guests, lest someone thinks they're bacon bits...

  2. Really, touch your ass?