Thursday, August 22, 2013


I love history. Not the sterile highlighted crap that they taught in grade school, but real history with all it's warts. So I was actually happy when Mark told me his shopping/hoarding illness caused him to buy some World War II era Life Magazines. They are fascinating, they are racist, they are sexist, and they have some very graphic photos of WWII battles in them. They were perfectly honest to the era. But it turns out that wasn't why Mark bought them. No, he bought them for a certain series of Cannon Towel ads. I have to say, I was impressed with those ads. They pointed out the attitudes of the World War II times. Either the world was a lot gayer back then than they like to let on to, or they were just clueless. I would like to think the world was a lot gayer than they ever realized. The illustration below is why Mark bought five Life Magazines on Ebay, and the reason is obvious.