Friday, August 30, 2013

Better Call Saul!

We had a lot to drink last Friday, but I didn't think it was so much that Mark didn't have his wits about him. I was mistaken. Saturday morning I was awakened by Mark's cries, "My wallet, where's my wallet? I can't find my wallet. Help me Alan, help me find my wallet." So we went through the list of places it could be. We looked in his pocket, bathroom, dining room table, under the bed, in the toilet, in the car, under the car, in Chandler's toy box, we looked everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. Mark either lost his wallet, or was pick pocketed. Either way, it was gone and nobody turned it in. So this week Mark has been busy canceling credit cards, and arranging to get a new drivers license. That last part seemed to be the most daunting. After all, they have enacted crazy new rules here in Florida. You have to have a picture id (like the one Mark lost), a birth certificate, and two pieces of paper with your address on them, like an electric bill. Luckily Mark has a passport, and his birth certificate. What was problematic is the fact that not only are all the bills received and paid electronically, but they are all in my name. So yesterday we went to the DMV with what we had. I don't know why Mark dragged me along. I couldn't think of why I was being punished, but I went anyway. As we walked into the DMV Mark handed me the briefcase he was carrying. We walked up to the man at the counter, where Mark explained his predicament, and then asked me for his papers. I opened the briefcase and handed them to him, at the same time telling the man behind the counter that Mark was with me. The guy gave me a look of recognition and said, "Oh yeah, I know you. You're in here all the time with clients." I looked at Mark, and then back at the guy behind the desk. I said nothing. Suddenly Mark was whisked through to the first available window where he received his new drivers license. It took all of fifteen minutes. If this is what happens when a black guy goes to the DMV with an older white guy, I'm going to have to start trying it for other things. I'll just have to remember to have a briefcase with me at all times. Maybe a cheap suit too.


  1. WTF was that all about?????

  2. that is funny. Mark the lawyer

  3. Actually it was the other way around. I think the guy thought I was Mark's lawyer. What ever he thought, we blazed through there.