Monday, November 4, 2013

Fantsy That

Yesterday morning I was laying in bed watching some television. Mark was over on his computer looking at some news sites when from over that way I heard a squawking.
    "Oh my god, I can't believe the comments on this article. These people are so racist and stupid."
    "I told you not to read the comments. That's just for cretins with nothing better to do."
I would recommend that nobody read the comments after news stories on the internet. It's like descending into an old fashioned insane asylum. Nothing will make sense, and if you decide to get in on the discussion and try to use logic and reason you will be branded a dumocrat, a libtard, and other clever names. Facts won't matter nor the truth. Alice in Wonderland would feel at home in a web news comment section. Grammar and spelling aren't very important either. Which leads me to another subject. Why don't people use spellcheck? What do they think that squiggly red line under every other word they peck out means? And it's not just the news comment section where I find this. I was on a facebook page that features the history of my home town and it was riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors. What is really fascinating is that I went to the same school as the people posting on this facebook page, and way back then I was the stupid kid.


  1. I love you're blog. Your very funny.

  2. Their yew go, write on.

  3. Your truely funny.

    But I agree. Reading comments is like diving into a cesspool.

  4. I see those comments on facebook. What's with that Kevin Fortman? Did he ride the short bus to skool??