Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Schnauzer Model SPL-TXC122A Paper Shredder

Mark has been collecting Broadway window posters lately. He's got quite a few and plans on selling the ones he doesn't want on Ebay. I was impressed with the value of some of them. For instance, he has a poster for the show Sunset Boulevard that he paid under twenty dollars for. Its estimated worth is two hundred dollars. This got me to thinking. I had a poster in my antique trunk that I acquired in San Francisco back in 1978. It was from the radio station KSAN, and it was a give away at the time. I Googled it, and it turns out that yes, it is worth something. So I pulled it out of the trunk and set it down in my office, carefully laying pillows over it to protect it. My plan was to open an Ebay account and sell it (along with a bunch of Mark's crap without him knowing it). Yesterday I was sitting at my computer, not paying much attention to my surroundings, when I realized something was going on behind me. Paper rustling, and ripping, along with the muted snarls of a dog. I spun around in my chair just in time to see Bette tear a large chunk from my KSAN poster. Along side the large pieces were many small bits, and on the poster itself, puppy teeth marks everywhere. What is left of my poster is not worth lining the bottom of a kitty litter box. Oh, and that piece of red paper next to it is what is left of a Netflix envelope and DVD. I'm still not sure how I'm going to return that.


  1. WHY do they love to shred paper? ZOE can carry in my daily paper but has to rip it apart before dropping it at my feet! No cookies for that!

  2. I hate to say it, but that did look like a pretty cool poster...