Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy BirthThanksHanukkahgiving Day

Thanksgiving is also my second sister's (out of seven) birthday. It's also Hanukkah, but I'm not Jewish so I don't know what that means. Those Menorah candles would look great on second sister's birthday cake though. Here's a couple of photos of Thanksgiving 1963. Same table, same time, taken from two directions to get everybody in. Thanksgiving 1963, our family had just moved into our new house that month, President Kennedy had been assassinated just a few days before, and puberty was hitting me like a Mike Tyson punch.

Grandpa, Sister #4, Mom, Sister #2, Sister #3, Grandma.

Dad, Brother #1, Brother #3, Me (looking sharp in my t-shirt), Brother #2, Mom's sister/my Aunt.


  1. Looks like sister#1was in the kitchen, washing the dishes.....poor Cinderella!!

  2. Nursing school? Hated to have her photo taken? She was taking the photos? I doubt we had her chained to the kitchen sink. Dad wouldn't have put up with the clatter of the chains.

  3. Thanks for posting these pictures Alan. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - we did!!

  4. Sister #1 was 15 in 1963, a sophmore in high school. Maybe I was hiding under the table as a "putz-picture-passer", that would be before I learned the value of holding a hand in front of the lens.