Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hungover, but here are a few photos of Wilton Manor's Halloween.
Sleeping Beauty?  

Invisible Man

Grace Jones

Fat, Pasty, Native American

Sick Bastard
PInkman cooling his jets while Walter hits the ATM.

Happy Fairy
Painted Fat

Ted Cruz


  1. Outstanding pics.
    I loves me some Grace Jones...

    Had to look too closely past "AssMan"to see Walter, though and Beauty was not just asleep but passed out cold.

  2. I'm also loving Grace Jones but my fave is the invisible man, you cant beat a sunglasses at night moment!

    Painted fat man, is it realy real? :D

  3. Was Mark dressed as Grace Jones?

  4. Guidance By Selênê, I don't know if that was real fat. It sure looked real as he walked by, but I wasn't going to touch it.

    Was Grace Jones Mark? I can't say other than Mark told me not to put his photo in my blog. So I put 'Grace Jones' photo in there.