Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Lives Left

I sat down three hours ago sincerely intent upon writing my new children's book called Don't Play With the Dog Poo. But first I thought I'd check my Facefook page. Big mistake. Besides having to reply with the wittiest of comments to every new post on there, I clicked on the Candy Crush Saga link. Unfortunately I have Candy Crush hypoglycemia and crave just a little bit every day. I don't know if it's the music or the sounds, I can't stop playing that game. When I run out of lives on the Candy Crush I switch to Pet Rescue Saga. When that runs out it's Bubble Witch Saga with a little Staries filler. By that time my lives on Candy Crush have been restored, and the madness starts all over again. I finally dragged myself away from the games and decided to write this little post to help kick the Saga game monkey off my back. I can now get back to writing that children's book. First order of business, change the title and the subject.


  1. I change the clock on my phone so I can keep playing Candy Crush. I also cannot poop without my iphone in my hand.

  2. Hostess, Just don't get confused when it's time to wipe.

  3. Try "Jelly Splash" and "Dragon Academy". Similar, but more fun.