Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veteran's Day 2013

My Dad in the South Pacific; WWII

Dad was a radio man on a B29 bomber. Here is a photo he took as they flew over Japan.
Photo of me during the Vietnam War.

By the way, although I would have avoided going to Vietnam at any cost, it was the US Army that rejected me. They didn't want me because I was gay. So glad to be gay at that moment. If you think I was wrong to be against the Vietnam War click here and read the history of that war. It was not my father's war.


  1. Nice photos, long-haired homo-hippie.

  2. Even though I was drafted to go to Nam two times, it was the time the lottery system of choosing who would go. I lucked out two years in a row.

  3. You are right, WW2 was a very justified war and ordinary people became soldiers. Vietnam was one big mistake and crime after another. I never faulted the poor drafted guys who had to go and I never understood why people blamed THEM when they came home. It was the start of my negative feelings about politicians and governmental assholes.

  4. From a Vietnam combat veteran; our descriptive word was "Clusterfuck"